Pumpkin Spice and MRX advice

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While the seasons are changing, so are we.
We are bringing more integrations and improvements that will help increase your productivity.

Telus Health 

Are you losing your patients because you’re not offering direct billing to them? If you are, we’re here to support you.
There’s no more switching back and forth to different portals, everything is integrated into the MRX platform.

MRX Solutions has been successfully integrated with Telus eClaims for over a year now and we are happy to announce that 3 new insurance companies have just come on board: Group Health, Group Source, and Manion. This brings the total number of insurance companies that we can bill directly through Telus to fourteen.
We’re proud to be the only chiropractic software from Western Canada that supports Telus eClaims.


MRX Solutions and Physiotec have teamed up to bring you a fully integrated home exercise program your patients will love.

  • Get access to a comprehensive database of rehab exercise videos.
  • Customize exercise programs that patients can access through the MRX Solutions client login page.
  • Monitor patient progress in real time (exercises completed, etc.)
  • Any updates are automatically added to patients’ charts as PDFs

MRX Pay 

MRX platform is now supporting online payments, making payments and payment plans easier for both the patients and clinics.
Say goodbye to all hidden fees and terminal rentals because everything is consolidated in one single fee. You can grow recurring revenue stream by signing up patients for automatic payments for their treatment plans. We are now integrated with Kubera Payments to ensure that you can turn website visitors into fully booked and paid appointments, and avoid line-ups at your front desk as the method of payment is already entered in the patient’s profile.