Data Migrating to MRX

Migrating data and switching to MRX cannot be simpler.

Once you decide you are ready to switch over to MRX, all you have to do is entrust the data migration to our tech experts.

All you have to do is say – ready to go! And our tech team will take care of the rest.

There is no catch. No headaches, no business disruption. You don’t have to do anything, we will take care of all the importing, testing, backing-up before execution.

We will provide a seamless transition to the new software so that you don’t have to bother with the technical side of data migration and can focus on tending patients’ needs. Our experts will map out the data between the previous and new software systems and accordingly migrate the data. We have worked with data migration for a long time and have a wide breadth of experience in the area.

The entire process takes between two to four weeks. Four weeks is the regular migration timeline. In some cases, our team can accommodate requests to speed up the process for up to two weeks, depending on the current workload.

Leave everything up to us. We will effectively, safely and seamlessly process the patient data and get you set up.

Ready to migrate?

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