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Sava Jurisic

Research and Development

We have a full-time development team and we are always able to react quickly to all the changes and to support your specific needs. Our quality assurance team makes sure that the software is always running smoothly. We are also constantly improving the platform by adding new features and making sure that everything is in compliance with the newest regulation.

Customer Support

Here at MRX, we have adopted the title Customer Happiness Representative as we strive to go above and beyond to make sure our clients receive the help they need. We train our new clients on our software programs and work with them to customize it to meet their needs.

Greatest Team ever

Meet Our Team


Sava provides leadership and vision in identifying marketing synergies and execution plans that bring value and new opportunities for the company’s business model. Sava brings extensive technical expertise to MRX Solutions, with significant experience in large-scale project management in various markets.

Sava Jurisic


Gary Shall_thumbnail

Gary is the senior developer who is behind all the big updates and he’s tirelessly working on updating our software. He’s one of the best developers, with in depth industry knowledge and rich experience. You may also catch him on the phone as he has set the standard of excellence for MRX Solutions’ ongoing customer training and support.

Gary Shall

Senior Developer


Adiarto has been one of the primary developers for MRX Solutions. While assisting in improvements for OfficeMaster he has also contributed to the design and implementation of our newer applications: ChartMaster and InventoryMaster.

Adiarto Pranoto



Lorna has been a member of three different chiropractic coaching systems and knows the vital role she has played in the chiropractic system. She finds great satisfaction in offering support, demonstrating chiropractic software and training new Chiropractic Assistants.

Lorna Roguski

Account Manager


Ivana takes care of marketing and communications. She’s a seasoned communications professional who makes sure that news about MRX features reach existing and new clients.

Ivana Vuckovic

Marketing and Communications

rachael lundi

Rachael loves helping clients solve issues involving using the software, patient’s accounts, generating reports, computer, and technical issues, hardware upgrade recommendations or any customer support that is required. She also keeps documentation and manuals updated as well as handling outside of work hours emergencies.

Rachael Lundi

Customer Happiness Representative

Carlo Rossetti

Carlo brings with him a breadth and depth in sales experience. Prior to working with MRX Solutions, he was working in the medical equipment industry where he gained valuable insights about health and wellness. He is available to answer any questions clients have about service packages, product features and support.

Carlo Rossetti

Account Manager

William Kwok

William supports software development. He helped develop MRX Messenger and is an expert in User Experience, making the software more user-friendly and visually more appealing.

William Kwok

Junior Developer


A great collection of 6 homepages, developed for small and medium businesses.

Programming Skills

Technical programming skills can be learned but soft skills, on the other hand, are the kinds that tend to come naturally for the best managers.

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