MRX Smart Waitlist

A clever clinic and patient scheduling system designed for chiropractors and physiotherapists

Keep your schedule full and your patients happy with a clinic appointment system that organizes your calendar for you.

Optimize your schedule, see more patients

MRX Smart Waitlist monitors your appointments, identifies free time slots and automatically pairs patients with available practitioners.

Smarter scheduling

Instantly turn cancelled appointments into available time slots. MRX Smart Waitlist notifies patients by email or text when a gap opens in your schedule.  

Prioritize your patients

Patients are matched with suitable appointment slots depending on their own time and date preferences. A win for your patients, a win for you.

Take control of your time

When a time slot has been identified and matched with a suitable patient, MRX Smart Waitlist allows your practitioners to make a final decision on who to see and when.

Fully integrated

Easily connect with OfficeMaster to create a fully customized, all-in-one physiotherapy and chiropractic practice management solution.

Request a free demo to see how MRX Smart Waitlist works