MRX Messenger

Reach out, connect and stay in touch using one simple patient messaging service.

Patient care is key to running a successful practice, and it starts with how you share and communicate. Designed specifically for chiropractors and physiotherapists, MRX Messenger makes it easy to reach your patients.

Streamline your communications

Whether you’re reminding one patient about an upcoming appointment or sending a promotional offer to your entire contact list, MRX Messenger has the tools you need to do it quickly and easily. 

2-way instant messaging

Send text messages directly to your patients’ phones and receive replies within the same online system. Easy for you, easy for your patients.

Built-in message templates

From Google review requests to Covid-19 screening questions, our simple message templates make it quick and easy to contact patients.

Advertise your business

Send promotional offers and remind patients how you can help. Automated bulk send functionality lets you reach multiple contacts with a single click.

One system, unlimited potential

MRX Messenger integrates seamlessly with OfficeMaster, our comprehensive chiropractic clinic software — an all-in-one solution for your business.

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