New Innovational MRX features

September 11, 2018 Posted by Uncategorized 0 thoughts on “New Innovational MRX features”

This summer the MRX team was working enthusiastically on some unique new features that will increase the productivity of the clinics, but aren’t available on any other platforms.

Subjective Questionnaire 

You can now send a subjective questionnaire link to the patient’s email when they check in.
This process saves time, makes the check-in process more professional and it differentiates you from other clinics. While the patients are waiting, they can take the subjective questionnaire, which after submission goes directly to their chart.
Professional, smooth and time-saving for everyone.
Route Slip 
Ever wished for the unique snapshot of everything that has happened with the patient at your fingertips, without scrolling back and forth.
MRX introduces the route slip.
The route slip feature increases efficiency and improves the quality of the time you spend with your patients.
Patient Outcome Measures 
Save the environment and time by sending the outcome measures survey to the patients’ email. Practitioners also no longer need to do the scoring, as MRX does all the work.
You can send the link with the two standard surveys “The Neck Disability Index” and “The Low Back Disability Index” to the patients, and you can always see if the survey was sent and completed.
Say goodbye to sticky notes, reminders and printing all those surveys.