March Crunch

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See what our newest features can do for you
We’re kicking off this year in a big way with new product features designed to help you save time & drive results.

CCGI exercises 

Ever wished to have the best of both worlds?
Well, now you do.
We have integrated CCGI exercises into our software, so you can easily email them to your patients with a single click. This is available to all MRX clients using ChartMaster, completely free of any charge.
The exercises are grouped into distinct categories to allow practitioners to choose the type of exercise they will provide to their patient, making it easy for both practitioners and patients to find the right ones.
Watch how easy it is here
Arrival notification pop up 
As soon as the front office marks the patient as arrived, the arrival notification pop up will appear with all the information they need to have at that moment. For example, are they due for a disability index, do they prefer a certain room, what happened last time etc. Whatever you put as important information will be there to remind you every single time. This handy feature makes sure your patients get only the best experience at your practice.
Grouping of financial reports
Did you know that you can create “Report User Groups” and thereby have access to the detailed report for each practitioner or certain groups. With this feature, reports for one practitioner or all are no longer your only choice, which makes it a ton easier for managers when it comes to distributing income to practitioners and making business plans. This feature can be found by going to Site Conf and choosing Billing in OfficeMaster.
‘X’ gender identity 

We have implemented the changes in our software to reflect the fact that British Columbians who do not identify as male or female now have the choice to display an X as a third option in the gender field of their B.C.-issued driver’s licence, identity card, birth certificate and BC Services Card.
Telus eClaims
“I know that a lot of providers find direct billing to be time-consuming, non-efficient and they are worried about late or missing payments from insurance companies. Well, the opposite is true! Since we started direct billing, patients’ satisfaction increased as they do not have to submit claims by themselves. We also decreased credit card fees and people are coming back again and again as they do not have to pay out of pocket or deal with paperwork! The best thing is that through MRX it takes us literally a few seconds to submit the claim on behalf of the patients. Daily/weekly reports are very easy and user-friendly for staff to keep track of payments through Telus eClaims and we have never experienced problems with payments from insurance providers. That is why direct-billing is highly recommended by our clinic.”
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