Review patient records, write SOAP notes, annotate charts and access X-Rays with one simple chiropractic EHR system.

Designed for practices of all types, from chiropractors to naturopaths, ChartMaster streamlines your processes and gives you the information you need faster and more efficiently.

Save time, see more patients, grow your practice

Our all-in-one charting software does the hard work for you, leaving you to focus on treating patients and building your business.

Designed for speed

Update patient charts, view X-Rays and prescribe treatments faster than ever — ChartMaster is optimized for the way you work.

Templates for every practice

Gonstead, Nucca, Torque Release, Activator, Thompson, Diversified. No matter which chiropractic technique you use, there’s a chart template for it.

Integrated digital X-Rays

Our 2-Way X-Ray feature automatically updates and shares information securely between your patient records and image database.

Customized exercises

With over 200 unique exercises at your fingertips, plus full integration with Physiotec — the world’s largest exercise platform — your treatment planning just got a whole lot easier.

Available anytime, anywhere

Access your patients’ charts from any device — ChartMaster’s Smart App gives you the freedom to work when you want, how you want.

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4 reasons why practitioners choose ChartMaster

It’s fully integrated
ChartMaster works seamlessly with OfficeMaster to create a comprehensive, all-in-one clinic system — it saves you time, effort and resources.

It organizes your schedule
QUEUE functionality organizes your appointment and treatment room schedules, allowing you to see more patients in less time.

It’s packed with handy templates
From standardized chiropractic tests to professionally designed SOAP note layouts, ChartMaster offers a choice of time-saving templates and tools.

It connects with NUCCA
Capture X-Rays with NUON Imaging and have your NUCCA analyses calculated and sent straight to your ChartMaster account. Simple and easy.

An all-in-one EHR charting system designed for growing practices