All the summer updates, including the NEW Check-In Kiosk

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The Check-In Kiosk is a must-have tool for any clinic. Even during your busiest hours your patients can check-in easily and stress-free.

Patients can simply check-in by scanning the QR code and completing the subjective survey. The Check-In Kiosk will save time freeing up your staff to do other things.

Fun fact: Clinics using MRX report they’re saving on average 30 seconds per patient only for having the subjective questionnaires integrated. For the average clinic that has 50 patients a day, that’s the total of 25 minutes saved daily which makes it 8.3 hours a month. That could also be the time you use to see an additional 50 patients or the time you spend with your friends and family.

The new ICBC reports for Chiro and Physio are integrated as the essential part of ChartMaster. Also, we have integrated the HCAI forms into the ChartMaster for our clients in Ontario.

Great news for NUCCA practitioners! All listings from X-ray analysis software are plugged into the MRX NUCCA exam enabling you to read the most important parameters in a few seconds.

We have also added a NUCCA note. This quick note that shows the key points for the adjustment, where you can put the adjusting vector.

In the external documents in ChartMaster you can now define access permission rights per modality and therefore who has access to which type of documents to make processes in your clinic legally complied.

A new feature in our charting system is protected notes. These notes are protected, so nobody else can see them.

The recall is one of MRX’s unique features, and we have improved it by adding the “additional classification” for recalls. You now have the ability to categorize them – whether they are no-shows, cancellations or wellness patients, helping you to manage your recalls more efficiently.

The new Support Document for Telus eClaims has been added to our Support page so you can easily find it anytime you need it.

We now also support direct billing for dietitians and speech therapists.
Also, as we’re typing this, we are completing the integration with Pacific Blue Cross PROVIDERnet.
MRX Solutions Team