The first step is to decide on how to transition the data from paper to ChartMaster.
There are two approaches.

Scan and upload your paper charts to our ChartMaster — Some practices outsource the scanning to a third party and have every piece of paper scanned and uploaded into ChartMaster. This is time consuming and an expensive approach which we wouldn’t recommend to our clients, however you are welcome to choose this as your method.

Scan minimally and refer to last chart while in treatment — This is what we call a hybrid system where both the paper chart and the e-chart are used side-by-side until you’ve charted enough data for that patient going forward. Typically, our clients would scan the consent form and the last chart. The question arises what to do with old information located in paper charts?

Based on experience of best practices, the preferred way to scan documents is via a phased approach: from “Go-Live Day” forward, all new chart data is entered into ChartMaster. The paper chart is used as reference. Once the needed information is extracted from the chart, then that paper chart can be retired.

If you would like to talk to others and find out more about their experience, we are happy to connect you.

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