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eClaims Integration

Users of MRX Solutions are now able to make and track insurance claims directly within our software, for all Telus eClaims-enabled insurers.

OfficeMaster also:

  • Automatically splits the patient and insurer portion based on the insurer’s explanation of benefits response
  • Auto-fills your patient claim information for submissions
  • Stores the complete history of your eClaims transactions and explanations of benefits, patients profiles and insurance information
  • Reporting tools to view volume of monthly paid, pending, and rejected claims.

Benefits of eClaims:

  • Reduces your patients out-of-pocket costs
  • Eliminates the hassle of claim submission for your patients
  • Reduces your credit card fees as patients only pay their deductible


  • Under 150 claim submissions per month via the OfficeMaster integration are free
  • After that we’ll follow a tiered price structure where you pay based on the volume of claim submissions you do per month as a clinic.


We’ve successfully completed a trial phase of the eClaims integration with a few clients and are now ready to release it to all the remaining clients.

Please refer to the steps below to get yourselves setup:

  1. If you are not currently registered with TELUS Health and you want to bill eClaims through our software please follow the link to register first:

Please note that registration process could take up to 3 weeks to be processed. After registration is approved, please complete the next step below as well.

  1. If you are already registered with TELUS Health and want to get started on submitting eClaims through our software:

– please email TELUS Health Support at and request the “Provider Spreadsheet for Software Vendor”. This spreadsheet contains all identifiers necessary to submit claims through our software.

– also clearly state which clinic you are contacting them from.

Please note that the reception of this spreadsheet can take up to 2 business days. After this delay, a follow-up can be done via phone at 1-866-240-7492.

  1. Once we have all the proper documentation from you, we’ll schedule a time to update your OfficeMaster, customize everything and train staff on the submission process.

Transitioning from paper to electronic charting!


The first step is to decide on how to transition the data from paper to ChartMaster.
There are two approaches.

Scan and upload your paper charts to our ChartMaster — Some practices outsource the scanning to a third party and have every piece of paper scanned and uploaded into ChartMaster. This is time consuming and an expensive approach which we wouldn’t recommend to our clients, however you are welcome to choose this as your method.

Scan minimally and refer to last chart while in treatment — This is what we call a hybrid system where both the paper chart and the e-chart are used side-by-side until you’ve charted enough data for that patient going forward. Typically, our clients would scan the consent form and the last chart. The question arises what to do with old information located in paper charts?

Based on experience of best practices, the preferred way to scan documents is via a phased approach: from “Go-Live Day” forward, all new chart data is entered into ChartMaster. The paper chart is used as reference. Once the needed information is extracted from the chart, then that paper chart can be retired.

If you would like to talk to others and find out more about their experience, we are happy to connect you.

Let us know!

X-Ray Integration

The partnership NUCCA Chiropractors have been waiting for!




Exclusively in Canada, we offer a seamless integration between NUCCA charting template and the most advanced digital x-ray imaging acquisition software.

The MRX Solutions team worked together with NUCCA Chiropractors and created custom tailored SOAP notes making us Canada’s only practice management software offering charting template for NUCCA doctors!

Nuon Imaging Inc. is a Canadian, full service distributor of wall-to-wall radiology products. Also providing accessories and peripherals to medical imaging clients across Canada. NuonHuman software allows for importation, diagnosis and long term archival of digital DICOM images for future reference.

MRX Solutions Moving Forward

 Is your stafExtra_Extraf up to date on new OfficeMaster features?

Dear MRX Clients,

We are pleased to announce that we will soon be releasing a new online OfficeMaster support section on our website. Following is a brief overview of a few topics that will be addressed and the various manners in which you’ll be able to learn about this information:


  • Interactive images of OfficeMaster that give you a complete overview of the pertinent functionalities
  • Full insurance instructions for MSP, WCB and ICBC billings
  • MSP practitioner forms
  • Ability to set up custom login and password for access to support section (on a per clinic basis)
  • Over 80 pages of “How To’s” regarding each relevant feature of OfficeMaster




MRX Solutions would like to formally welcome Rachel Dirks, our Customer Service Representative to the company. Rachel has become an integral part of our team in a short period of time and we anticipate she’ll continue to grow and exceed all of our expectations. Rachel is responsible for the adaptation of the ongoing effort to provide the tools needed to increase our level of customer service.

Stayed tuned……we’ll let you know when the online support goes live!

Article in Canadian Chiropractor Magazine!

The lowdown on high-tech


Cloud based vs. server based software, here’s the scoop written by our account manager, Christina Prokop:

“In today’s business environment, going paperless is no longer just an option; it is inevitable. With the acceptance of this new reality, a comprehensive understanding of the existing options for electronic medical record (EMR) systems must follow. Creating criteria for the implementation of an EMR system into your practice is equally as fundamental as the act of going paperless itself…”

Click here to read the full article!

Optimize Your Practice!

EHR Implementation


There are many reasons the implementation of an EHR system could be unsuccessful. Here are a few popular reasons; changing too many programs at once, poor support, poor training, templates are inadequate…
What if you found a software company that could not only address the above mentioned issues but accommodate all of the specific needs of your clinic and even exceed your expectations?


MRX Solutions works with each and every new client to ensure the following;

  1. You, your associates and staff are trained and feeling confident prior to the transition from your current software to our scheduling and billing program; Only then do we transition you to ChartMaster, our electronic charting program It is imperative that a clearly defined step by step process be in place to assist you in a transition to new, more effective software.
  2. MRX Solutions has two full-time Developers, a Customer Service Representative and an Account Manager who are all present and on hand to assist you with any type of support that you deem necessary. Even after having provided training, we’re just a phone call away for any questions.
  3. If there are templates that do not exist in OfficeMaster or ChartMaster, our developers can work with you to implement them. In order to truly determine whether we’re a good fit for your practice, we’ll need to provide you with a free demo

We look forward to assisting you with your software solutions!!

OfficeMaster ChartMaster BookMeIn

Give us a call for more information…

The Gossip

whispering in ear

Hello Sava & Adi,

We just wanted to say what a pleasure it has been working with you both! The OfficeMaster software is so efficiently run, and the customer support has been absolutely outstanding.

It’s such a relief to know that we are always able to reach somebody when we are in a pinch, and that all of our suggestions are so well noted.

We are so thankful for all the adjustments you have made to the software to accommodate our growing needs.

Adi has been such a huge help when we are trouble-shooting, and is always very friendly and a pleasure to talk to. He’s a wonderful asset to your company!

Thanks again for the continued support.
Sandra & the Fort Family Team


Fort Family Chiropractic
1 – 9124 Glover Road
Fort Langley, BC
V1M 2R5

P: 604.888.4844

MRX Assisting Canadian NUCCA practitioners

h_nuccaThe practice management software industry is rapidly evolving. With 13 years of experience and a firm understanding of the varying requirements that many practitioners have regarding electronically recording patient findings, the MRX team is evolving alongside their clients, working together to ensure that all their needs are met. Most recently MRX has collaborated with Canadian NUCCA practitioners in order to provide all NUCCA practitioners with a custom tailored version of ChartMaster,  our paperless charting software.

For more details please do not hesitate to email:

Account Manager, Christina Prokop ( ).

Go Paperless with ChartMaster™ in 2014

imasight_logoIt is only a matter of time before all Canadian healthcare professionals will be required to go paperless. MRX Solutions would like to assist you in your transition. Following are a few reasons we hope will entice you to make the change this year;

  • Time and Money: going paperless will save TIME! Keeping accurate paper chart records is time-consuming.
  • Tracking & Sharing: with ChartMaster you can quickly get a detailed review of a patient’s visitation history. You can track follow-up appointments, patient compliance and patient progress.
  • Quality and Quantity: When you create patient notes with ChartMaster you create notes that are accurate and legible in mere seconds.

MRX & ImaSight – A Win Win

MRX Solutions is pleased to announce a full integration of respective technologies with ImaSight, a pioneer in digital x-ray imaging systems. “Our focus at MRX Solutions is to provide the chiropractor with the most advanced software solutions in the market, while presenting those solutions in an easy-to-use format,” said Sava Jurisic, COO of MRX, “we view this integration of ImaSight technology as a big step forward, providing our clients with yet another avenue to streamline their practice while improving their ability to diagnose and treat patients.”
In response to the growing demand for customized treatment and individualized accessibility, MRX has created BookMeIn™. Reducing administrative costs, increasing efficiency and making patients feel valued: BookMeIn™  takes clinic operations to the next level.

  • OfficeMaster ChartMaster and BookMeIn

Contact us to book a free demo of our products:

MRX Solutions – Smart solutions for successful practices!

Remote Schedule Viewer – October 2010

remote_accessMRX Solutions is proud to announce the release of the Remote Schedule Viewing feature!

Based on client feedback we have developed a feature that allows you to view your OfficeMaster schedule from any web accessible location. For MRX Solutions clients only–use any browser ready device to safely and securely view your schedule. That means from your home computer, iPhone or other mobile devices (Android OS) you can easily see the latest developments in your patient bookings!

If this sounds like a feature you’d like to use, email us at to arrange for this latest upgrade today!

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