Nuon Imaging Inc.

Nuon Imaging Inc. is a national, full service distributor of wall-to-wall radiology products, with multiple offices, service bases and dealers in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Halifax.  Nuon takes pride in offering responsive service, expert technical support and the world’s most advanced digital x-ray imaging products, accessories and peripherals to medical imaging clients across Canada.

How does it work with MRX?

While charting for your patient you can request an x-ray directly to Nuon software. You can specify details of what area to x-ray. After the x-ray is done the images get loaded back into the patient’s file in our software for you to view at any time.


TELUS Health eClaims

TELUS Health is a leader in telehomecare, electronic medical and health records, consumer health, benefits management, and pharmacy management. TELUS Health solutions give health authorities, extended healthcare professionals, physicians, patients, and consumers the power to turn information into better health outcomes. Learn more about TELUS Health.

How does it work with MRX?

Users of MRX Solutions are able to make and track insurance claims for all eClaims enabled insurers within the software, removing the need to enter information twice. eClaims enables you to offer a value added service to your patients, by submitting claims on their behalf. 

Benefits of eClaims:

  • Reduces your patients’ out-of-pocket costs
  • Eliminates the hassle of claim submission for your patients
  • Reduces your credit card fees as patients only pay their deductible

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Kubera Payments Corporation

Kubera Payments Corporation is a payments consultancy working on an ongoing basis with organizations across North America providing an industry leading level of expertise on secure payments solutions implementation. In addition to ensuring the most aggressive pricing possible, Kubera provides a level of service and support that is unsurpassed in the payments landscape.  Kubera Payments can help your organization reduce costs, increase efficiency and ensure PCI compliant payments acceptance.

How does it work with MRX?

Increase revenue by turning website visitors into fully booked and paid appointments.

Avoid line-ups because the method of payment is already entered in enabling reception to bill clients with a single click.

Grow recurring revenue stream by signing patients up for automatic payments for their treatment plans.