• Would you like to further decrease administrative costs?
  • Would you like the type of automation that increases patient retention?
  • Would you like to make your patients feel valued?

Successful practices are built on positive practitioner – patient relationships.  Providing the best possible support for all patients, while ensuring that your clinic is clearly the first choice for new patients is imperative. In response to the growing demand for individualized treatment and accessibility, MRX Solutions has created OnlineBooking. OnlineBooking has been specifically designed to complement your current practice management software, working seamlessly with OfficeMaster™.
OnlineBooking intake and history forms allow patients to provide their information prior to their first visit, enabling smaller clinics to function more effectively. For busy, fast-paced clinics, this increases booking efficiency, permitting further growth. As an added bonus, receiving patient history in advance gives practitioners an opportunity to prepare a treatment plan before the patient has even walked in the door!
OnlineBooking provides a unique level of interaction between patients and practitioners by offering an intuitively-designed Patient Wall on which practitioners can post comments or additional resources in order to personalize treatment.
Easy-to-use online appointment booking format that automatically synchronizes with the clinic’s system for instant integration of information. Automated e-mail and/or text message reminders are sent to the patient upon confirmation of their selected appointment time.


OfficeMaster™ is a premium billing and patient management software program that provides quick, easy, and effective business tools for today’s practitioner. OfficeMaster™ seamlessly automates and supports the administrative, billing and business processes of your practice in a manner that enhances efficiency and supports growth..


ChartMaster™ is an easy-to-use electronic charting application. Using the highest security standards, it allows you to quickly and easily document the patient’s treatments electronically, utilizing professionally designated SOAP note formats, as well as a multitude of standardized tests. ChartMaster™ seamlessly integrates into administrative, scheduling and business processes of your practice.


InventoryMaster™ is the solution for headaches associated with substantial inventories, fluctuating prices and expiry dates. Use InventoryMaster™ effectively to maximize your profit when offering healthy lifestyle products to your patients.





  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Effortless integration with current MRX practice management software
  • Automated email and text message appointment confirmations
  • Secure, personal communication & posting of information or helpful resources option on the Patient Wall
  • Customizable online intake and history forms
Easy-to-use online appointment booking format that automatically synchronizes with the clinic’s system for instant integration of information allows you to easily view the confirmed appointments. Automated e-mail and/or text message reminders are sent to the patient upon confirmation of their selected appointment time. 
OnlineBooking also offers customizable intake and history forms allowing patients the ability to provide you with critical/pertinent information prior to their initial apt. Your clinic will function more effectively, increase booking efficiency permitting further growth.

Client Testimonials

“I have had the privilege of using MRX Solutions’ Chartmaster software since its early beta-testing stages. Over the years, I have been constantly impressed both by the constant improvements you and your MRX team have made to the program, and more importantly by your willingness to adapt and customize the software for my use. I currently work in a clinic with 2 practitioners that have very different charting styles. The flexibility of the Chartmaster program has enabled both of us to chart quickly and easily in a way that suits our individual preferences and styles. Details
“I saw MRX solutions demonstrated many years ago at my first AGM and was quite impressed, but at the time wasn’t ready for new software. This past year at the AGM, I decided to take the steps necessary to bring MRX into my office, and now I wish I hadn’t waited so long. Both OfficeMaster and ChartMaster are extremely easy to learn and use, and have greatly streamlined the processes within our office. The ability to adapt the program to your needs makes it great for our profession. “ Details
” We have been operating MRX’s Chartmaster and Officemaster for a year now. I have operated 4 different softwares and I find MRX’s software hands down the best. My two favourite things about MRX are the customization of their platform and the first class customer service.” Details
“What MRX has designed is a much more charting program than what I had experience with but still very simple to use. You will have the option to type in your text or use a pre-programmed descriptor, pharse, orthopedic test or diagnosis, etc.  Clicking on the spine for areas  adjusted is time-efficient and no matter what your technique it can be added. If you use several techniques, you will have that list available to you. “ Details

MRX Clients