We’re always upgrading our software and adding more features for you.

It’s our 18th Birthday! We’re celebrating the success of our clients

We can’t believe we have turned 18!
It’s been an incredible journey and we would like to thank all of you.
We’re proud of your success as we have started this company to help our clients do better
Thank you for choosing the innovative company and for helping us create the most effective software for clinics.


All the summer updates, including the NEW Check-In Kiosk

The Check-In Kiosk is a must-have tool for any clinic. Even during your busiest hours your patients can check-in easily and stress-free. Patients can simply check-in by scanning the QR code and completing the subjective survey. The Check-In Kiosk will save time freeing up your staff to do other things.


Webinar about cluster scheduling

Dr. Nathan Unruh, SIDECAR and Sava Jurisic, MRX Solutions talked about cluster scheduling during the webinar.  […]

Spring News

We’re implementing the legislative change in BC, but also making sure you can spend time with your patients better this spring


March Crunch

See what our newest features can do for you
We’re kicking off this year in a big way with new product features designed to help you save time & drive results.


Holiday News

This was an exciting year for our clients as we introduced many new features.


Pumpkin Spice and MRX advice

While the seasons are changing, so are we.
We are bringing more integrations and improvements that will help increase your productivity.


New Innovational MRX features

This summer the MRX team was working enthusiastically on some unique new features that will increase the productivity of the clinics, but aren’t available on any other platforms.


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