Holiday News

This was an exciting year for our clients as we introduced many new features.
Everyone loved the introduction of the MRX Pay service that saves a lot of time for the front desk staff. There is no need for patients to wait because the method of payment is already entered thus enabling reception to bill clients with a single click.


New Innovational MRX features

This summer the MRX team was working enthusiastically on some unique new features that will increase the productivity of the clinics, but aren’t available on any other platforms.


March Crunch with the newest features

See what our newest features can do for you
We’re kicking off this year in a big way with new product features designed to help you save time & drive results.


Pumpkin Spice and MRX advice

While the seasons are changing, so are we.
We are bringing more integrations and improvements that will help increase your productivity during the busiest season.
See what MRX can do for you.


Spring News

ICBC Claim 

Big changes have happened as of April 1st, 2019 when it comes to ICBC claims. It is up to the individual clinics to make themselves aware of the procedures for billing ICBC for each particular type of practitioner. ICBC’s new system billings will no longer be sent from OfficeMaster. You can also find more information when you log in to our support page on this link.
We will implement the new Initial and Reassessment forms in ChartMaster as soon as ICBC makes them available for everyone.

Mail Chimp

We took the way we help you build the relationship with your patients even a step further as we’re now integrated with MailChimp.
Your patients in MRX will automatically be added to your MailChimp list if they have opted in to marketing emails or survey forms. If a patient unsubscribes from a MailChimp email, your MRX list will also be updated.
Fast and easy!
eClaims with ClaimSecure benefit plans
We have been fully integrated with Telus eClaims for almost two years now, and we’re excited that ClaimSecure has just come on board. You can now extend the benefits of eClaims to your clients who are covered under a ClaimSecure benefit plan. When using eClaims for ClaimSecure, you can:
  • Submit predetermination requests
  • Offer coordination of benefits (if both patients are under a Claim Secure plan)
  • Benefit from 24/7 adjudication and direct deposit payments
Remember to visit our support page where you will find step by step instructions on how to submit eclaims thru OfficeMaster.
Google + MRX
How easy it is to work in the connected age? It’s even easier now since we have implemented Google sync with MRX products.
This means that your MRX work calendar will be automatically synced to your Google calendar. Even if a patient uses online booking to book an appointment during the night time, by the time you wake up, this appointment will be in both of your calendars, Google and MRX. Start enjoying the simplicity of your life with this newest feature.