Is your stafExtra_Extraf up to date on new OfficeMaster features?

Dear MRX Clients,

We are pleased to announce that we will soon be releasing a new online OfficeMaster support section on our website. Following is a brief overview of a few topics that will be addressed and the various manners in which you’ll be able to learn about this information:


  • Interactive images of OfficeMaster that give you a complete overview of the pertinent functionalities
  • Full insurance instructions for MSP, WCB and ICBC billings
  • MSP practitioner forms
  • Ability to set up custom login and password for access to support section (on a per clinic basis)
  • Over 80 pages of “How To’s” regarding each relevant feature of OfficeMaster




MRX Solutions would like to formally welcome Rachel Dirks, our Customer Service Representative to the company. Rachel has become an integral part of our team in a short period of time and we anticipate she’ll continue to grow and exceed all of our expectations. Rachel is responsible for the adaptation of the ongoing effort to provide the tools needed to increase our level of customer service.

Stayed tuned……we’ll let you know when the online support goes live!