• Would you like to complete your treatment notes in seconds?
  • Would you like to be free from filing and searching for patient charts every day?
  • Would you like the freedom of viewing your files and schedule whenever and wherever you like?

ChartMaster™ is an easy-to-use electronic charting application. Using the highest security standards, it allows you to quickly and easily document the patient’s treatments electronically, utilizing professionally designated SOAP note formats, as well as a multitude of standardized tests. ChartMaster™ seamlessly integrates into administrative, scheduling and business processes of your practice.

With minimal capital expense and proactive customer service, ChartMaster™ significantly improves your productivity, cost effectiveness, level of freedom and access to patient information.

With an intuitive graphic user interface design, record and amend your patient records with ease. As the practitioner you can efficiently record patient exams and assessments, create reports, customize common treatment plans, record treatment and patient instructions, track progress, communicate electronically with patients and even analyze the objective progress of your patients through comprehensive reports.

ChartMaster™ provides you with a new level of freedom allowing you to access your schedules and records from any web service point and giving you a dynamic new ability to utilize the wealth of data in your patient records.


OfficeMaster™ is a premium billing and patient management software program that provides quick, easy, and effective business tools for today’s practitioner. OfficeMaster™ seamlessly automates and supports the administrative, billing and business processes of your practice in a manner that enhances efficiency and supports growth..


Successful practices are built on positive practitioner – patient relationships. Providing the best possible support for all patients, while ensuring that your clinic is clearly the first choice for new patients is imperative. In response to the growing demand for individualized treatment and accessibility, MRX Solutions has created OnlineBooking.



InventoryMaster™ is the solution for headaches associated with substantial inventories, fluctuating prices and expiry dates. Use InventoryMaster™ effectively to maximize your profit when offering healthy lifestyle products to your patients.





  • SOAP note chart formatting
  • Access data remotely via any web accessible location, mobile device or iPad tablet
  • Integrate your schedule, practice management, charting and billing software
  • Chat live with other users in your clinic
  • Minimize time spent recording diagnoses and comments by using predefined icons
  • Display only the tests that are relevant to your practice
  • Record vitals, ROM, history, allergies, test results and lifestyle stressors
  • Use interactive diagrams to indicate pain points and ROM
  • Receive automatic reminders for patient re-examinations
  • Customize and manage individual treatment plans
  • Flag critical information in patient records
  • Use interactive spinal diagrams to track areas that have previously been addressed
  • Differentiate treatments, i.e., CMT, activator, A.R.T., torque release, drop, etc
  • View patient progress reports graphically
  • Record treatments across multiple modalities including A.R.T., decompression, shockwave, laser and ultrasound therapies
  • Attach external information such as digital x-rays to designated dates in patient history
  • Export data to satisfy legal and insurance requests for patient documents
  • Log external communications between practitioners and anyone outside the clinic
The ChartMaster™ appointment scheduler is designed for maximum efficiency, allowing you to locate your patient’s electronic chart by simply selecting the booked appointment. You can immediately access and record relevant data. The time-consuming task of organizing travel cards is completely eliminated!  
Each user in the practice has a chat window enabling them to communicate with each other. For example, practitioners can indicate to support staff when a patient’s next appointment should be booked… without even leaving the treatment room. 

Client Testimonials

“I have had the privilege of using MRX Solutions’ Chartmaster software since its early beta-testing stages. Over the years, I have been constantly impressed both by the constant improvements you and your MRX team have made to the program, and more importantly by your willingness to adapt and customize the software for my use. I currently work in a clinic with 2 practitioners that have very different charting styles. The flexibility of the Chartmaster program has enabled both of us to chart quickly and easily in a way that suits our individual preferences and styles. Details
“I saw MRX solutions demonstrated many years ago at my first AGM and was quite impressed, but at the time wasn’t ready for new software. This past year at the AGM, I decided to take the steps necessary to bring MRX into my office, and now I wish I hadn’t waited so long. Both OfficeMaster and ChartMaster are extremely easy to learn and use, and have greatly streamlined the processes within our office. The ability to adapt the program to your needs makes it great for our profession. “ Details
” We have been operating MRX’s Chartmaster and Officemaster for a year now. I have operated 4 different softwares and I find MRX’s software hands down the best. My two favourite things about MRX are the customization of their platform and the first class customer service.” Details
“What MRX has designed is a much more charting program than what I had experience with but still very simple to use. You will have the option to type in your text or use a pre-programmed descriptor, pharse, orthopedic test or diagnosis, etc.  Clicking on the spine for areas  adjusted is time-efficient and no matter what your technique it can be added. If you use several techniques, you will have that list available to you. “ Details

MRX Clients