Meet our Team

Sava Jurisic
Sava Jurisic
Sava provides leadership and vision in identifying marketing synergies and execution plans that bring value and new opportunities to the company’s business model.

Sava brings extensive technical expertise to MRX Solutions, with significant experience in the large-scale project management in various markets.

Sava holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science from Moscow Power Engineering University.

Adiarto Pranoto
Adiarto Pranoto
Senior Software Developer
Adiarto has been one of the primary developers for MRX Solutions since joining the business in 2007. While assisting in improvements for OfficeMaster he has also contributed to the design and implementation of our newer applications: ChartMaster and InventoryMaster. You may also catch him on the phone as he has set the standard of excellence for MRX Solutions’ ongoing customer training and support.

Adiarto holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Simon Fraser University.

Lorna Roguski
Lorna Roguski
Customer Support Representative

    Lorna has worked in Chiropractic clinics in Vancouver and Vancouver Island since 2005. She has managed single practitioner clinics as well as multidisciplinary clinics.

    Seeing chiropractic clinics thrive and grow has been her passion. Lorna has been a member of three different chiropractic coaching systems and knows the vital role she has played in the chiropractic system.

    Lorna is currently working at MRX Solutions where she realizes great satisfaction in offering support, demonstrating chiropractic software and training new Chiropractic Assistants.

    Geoff Dabu
    Geoff Dabu
    Junior Software Developer

    Geoff’s experience in Software Development, and UI/UX Design ensures that our software is designed to cater to the needs of our users.

    He is dedicated to keeping our software up to date with the best technologies, and designing new features that are highly intuitive and aesthetically pleasing.

    Geoff holds a Computing Systems BTech Degree from British Columbia Institute of Technology.

    Our Mission

    To offer innovative products to simplify your practice. To provide solutions that deliver value!

    About MRX Solutions

    MRX Solutions is a privately owned Canadian company headquartered in Vancouver B.C. MRX Solutions develops, provides and supports clinic-based applications for healthcare professionals. The company has been founded by a group of industry experts in the fields of IT Enterprise Solutions, Finance and Medicine. Bringing powerful yet practical information technologies to the healthcare industry is central to the company’s business strategy.

    MRX Solutions is focused on providing healthcare professionals with maximum returns on their technology investment and can help leverage technology to optimize their competitiveness, patient satisfaction and efficiency levels.

    Client Testimonials

    “I have had the privilege of using MRX Solutions’ Chartmaster software since its early beta-testing stages. Over the years, I have been constantly impressed both by the constant improvements you and your MRX team have made to the program, and more importantly by your willingness to adapt and customize the software for my use. I currently work in a clinic with 2 practitioners that have very different charting styles. The flexibility of the Chartmaster program has enabled both of us to chart quickly and easily in a way that suits our individual preferences and styles. Details
    “I saw MRX solutions demonstrated many years ago at my first AGM and was quite impressed, but at the time wasn’t ready for new software. This past year at the AGM, I decided to take the steps necessary to bring MRX into my office, and now I wish I hadn’t waited so long. Both OfficeMaster and ChartMaster are extremely easy to learn and use, and have greatly streamlined the processes within our office. The ability to adapt the program to your needs makes it great for our profession. “ Details
    ” We have been operating MRX’s Chartmaster and Officemaster for a year now. I have operated 4 different softwares and I find MRX’s software hands down the best. My two favourite things about MRX are the customization of their platform and the first class customer service.” Details
    “What MRX has designed is a much more charting program than what I had experience with but still very simple to use. You will have the option to type in your text or use a pre-programmed descriptor, pharse, orthopedic test or diagnosis, etc.  Clicking on the spine for areas  adjusted is time-efficient and no matter what your technique it can be added. If you use several techniques, you will have that list available to you. “ Details

    MRX Clients